Graduate Students Supervised

MDes. Derek Jagodzinsky. 2016 – present. University of Alberta, Canada. Derek won a 2016 Alberta Indigenous Graduate Student Award. He is also being nominated for the 2017 Alumni Horizon Award. He has completed his course work and is currently defining his thesis project. 

MDes. Travis Holmes, “Speaking Graphically: Utilizing contemporary visual media to communicate traditional Dene culture and language.” 2014-present, University of Alberta, Canada. (MFA MDes Scholarship $15,000/yr.). 

MDes. Piyush Mann, “From Earth to Earth: Practice-led Methods / Indigenous Knowledge.” 2012-2015, University of Alberta, Canada. (Graduate Scholarship $7,500/yr.). 

MDes. Ika Peraic, “Museum As A Platform For A Speculative Investigation: Exploring The Possibilities For A Postcolonial Museum Through Practice-Led Research.” 2012-2015, University of Alberta, Canada. (Awarded Getty Foundation Fellowship, 2015 and Graduate Scholarship $7,500/yr.). 

PhD. William Semple, “Indigenous Peoples and the Design Process: Connecting Culture and Environment in the Making of Architecture.” 2011-present, University of Alberta, Canada. Co Supervisor with Dr Megan Strickfaden, Associate Professor Human Ecology. (SSHRC PhD scholarship $20,000/yr.). 

PhD. Naureen Mumtaz. “Bridging cross-cultural knowledge: Participatory design interventions with culturally marginalized urban Aboriginal and new immigrant/refugee youth.” 2013-present, University of Alberta, Canada. Co-Supervisor with Dr Diane Conrad, Professor of Drama/Theatre Education, Dept. of Secondary Education. (Graduate Scholarship $7,500/yr.). 

PhD. Adolfo Ruiz, “Tracing Memories: Visualizing the story of peace between Edzo and Akaitcho.” 2014-present, University of Alberta. (SSHRC PhD scholarship $20,000/yr.) 

MDes. Adolfo Ruiz, “Sharing Stories and Moving Pictures: Animating Oral History in the Tlicho Region.” 2012-2014, University of Alberta. (Graduate Scholarship $7,500/yr.).

PhD. Tom Andrews, “Challenging Epistemologies: Managing Intangible Heritage as Associative Archaeological Sites.” 2008-2012, University of Dundee, Scotland. (Tom Andrews is the Territorial Archaeologist for the Government of the Northwest Territories.) 

PhD. Alison dePelham, “Language and Decolonization: Evolving an Equitable Dialogue in Denendeh.” 2009-present (P-T), University of Dundee, Scotland. 

PhD. Lorna Waite, “Cultural Retrieval, Land Use and Post-Industrial Folk Memory.” 2007- 2011. University of Dundee, Scotland. Graduated June 2011. (Lorna published ‘The Steel Garden’, her original poetry from her doctoral thesis, in 2011.) 

PhD. Courtney Chetwind, “It tells us: the practice of performativity and liminality within Northern culture.” 2010-present (P-T), University of Dundee. (Courtney will have her PhD Viva Voce in December, 2016). 

MDes. Hailey Honcharik, ‘Do, Make, Say, Think: A Praxis in Knowledge’. 2010-2013, University of Alberta. 

PhD. Patrick Scott, ‘Stories Told: Stories and Images of the Berger Inquiry’. 2006-2010, University of Dundee. Graduated June 2010. (Patrick is a land claim negotiator for Dehcho First Nations. His thesis was published by the University of Alberta Press.)